Spend your time abroad
helping others

At VaughanTown, English natives and Spanish
professionals lock horns in a fun
language-learning experience.

About VaughanTown

If you're looking to spend your time abroad helping others, if you want to Volunteer in Spain then VaughanTown invites you to spend six days in Spain to participate in a unique holiday program.

At VaughanTown, English natives and Spanish professionals lock horns in a fun language-learning experience.

Our programs run from Sunday to Friday. On Sunday morning you depart on an adventure to one of our amazing venues where you'll spend 6 days with fellow Volunteers and Spaniards speaking in English.

The are several activities, like one to ones and group activities, throughout the week aimed at verbally practicing the English language, where our Volunteers mentor our Spaniards and help them improve.

Participants from all over the world exchange conversation with Spaniards and in return for their time and their input, have their full board and lodging covered by the program.

The Spaniards, meanwhile, get to improve their fluency in the quickest, most intensive manner possible on earth. Both groups prosper, exchanging culture, conversation, knowledge and friendship during a very special week.
By the end of the program, once the group arrives back in Madrid, lifelong friendships and interesting anecdotes and stories are created, lasting forever.

VT Activities



One to Ones are 50 minute conversations between one Volunteer and one Spaniard. The one to ones rotate on an hourly basis, so by the end of the week you will see every participant at least once.

Telephone Session

A Telephone session is a structured one to one conversation over the telephone. We provide a book with several activities. The Volunteer and the Spaniard then choose one or two and spend the session speaking on the telephone.

Conference Call

Conference calls are structured role-plays over the telephone. Three Spaniards and at least one Volunteer speak in a conference call environment for 40 minutes.

Group Activities

After siesta we have a group discussion/activity. These group activities are designed for facilitating discussion and team building.

Entertainment hour

From 8-9 we will have one hour of entertainment; music, theatre, jokes, stories, presentations, karaoke...skies the limit! And you are the protagonists!

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