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We have conducted over 880 programs

and attracted more than 15,000 English-speaking volunteers and Spanish clients

Richard Vaughan

President of Vaughan Systems

In July 2001 we did something that had never been done before: we transformed an abandoned Spanish village into a tiny but bustling metropolis whose official language was English. We "stocked" the village with 20 English speakers from all over the world and brought in 20 Spaniards, leaving the 40 to fight it out and have fun over 6 days.

Since our pilot project, we have conducted over 850 programs and attracted more than 10,000 English-speaking volunteers and Spanish clients. Gradually we are transforming this innovative cultural and linguistic experience into an ongoing venture, thereby establishing a true enclave for English improvement deep in the heart of Spain.

Slowly but surely we are "infiltrating" this noble, Spanish-speaking country with the most novel cross-section of English-speakers, from retired Irish farmers to Canadian civil servants to Los Angeles firewomen to Australian businessmen.

We'll see you there!

About our programs

After hearing all about who we are, where we come from, what drives us and what volunteering with us is like we are pretty sure you would like to hear all about each of our Immersion Programs! Are we correct? If we are, you are in the right place! Read ahead to learn more about each of our Immersion Programs….



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A unique combination of people that will only exist in that place in time.

Each one is quirky, special and impossible to replicate.

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