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Volunteering as a concept has a simple definition, but only when you experience it do you realize that there’s a lot more to it than just giving away a few hours of your life.

Yet, if by giving to others you can personally benefit then why not do it?
The key is to realize that that benefit has to be healthy, related to your own personal growth and improvement.                                                                                                   

By Volunteering you’re helping but you are also being helped. You’re learning about yourself, how you handle situations, people, problems. That’s the benefit. That’s what’s in it for you.
Realizing that it’s a two way street, that you’re not actually doing anyone a favour but that that favour is mutual.

Normally, one as a Volunteer has some sort of advantage, be it by speaking a language at native level, or even having running water. Normally one has a little more to give, but what you learn makes it more than worth while.


Volunteering at VaughanTown

A week at VaughanTown is difficult to explain. You can describe your day, explain the activities you do and talk about the Spaniards but there's a feeling about VaughanTown that is hard to put into words, you need to experience it!

Basically, it's 6 days of speaking English but, there's a lot more to it! You don't just talk to people, you share your life stories and experiences and the people you're surrounded by have different life styles and come from different backgrounds. Time is precious and that's ultimately what you share, and that magical feeling that is VaughanTown makes it more than worth while.

The reason why Volunteering at VaughanTown is so memorable is the immediate gratification.

After only a few days you see the results of all the time, energy and English you've used. The Spaniards blossom, become more confident, and it all happens right before your eyes!

The mentor in you awakes faster than the speed of light and from that moment on, once you see all you've accomplished by simply speaking your native tongue, you realize what VaughanTown is all about and you finally grasp the concept of Volunteering abroad at VaughanTown.


Imagine you've been taking tennis lessons for your whole life but you've never actually had the chance to play a match.

That's how our Spaniards feel. They know of this strange thing called "English", they know the theory behind it but in general they've never had the chance to experience it, to live it.

VaughanTown provides Spaniards the possibility of simply putting everything they've learnt into practice without having to leave their country, in the comfort of Spain! The only thing we want our Spaniards to do is speak.

Although speaking is a simple concept, for most it is one of the hardest things to do. Specially in a different language.

Our Volunteers play a key part here. It is crucial that our Spaniards feel comfortable enough to make mistakes and talk to strangers in English and our Volunteers are the ones who allow that.

Knowing when a person needs that extra tap on the back, a few words of encouragement or simply to be listened to is a skill that our Volunteers must master and that our Spaniards highly appreciate.


Two more volunteers urgently needed for VT 680 GREDOS (April 29 - May 4)!!!
We need two more volunteers for our next program 680. Could it be you? Please apply now!
DayTown in BARCELONA on Saturday April 21 Apply now!
Are you an English speaker in the Barcelona area? Come volunteer at DayTown with us! Spend a Saturday chatting in English!

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