Are you Volunteer material?

Be a volunteer


Are you Volunteer material?

 If your answer is YES to the following questions, we welcome you to experience the six most memorable days of your life!

- Are you a Native English speaker?
- Are you naturally inquisitive?
- Do you enjoy nature and the outdoors?
- Are you patient and helpful?
- Can you talk about lots of different subjects?

Has your answer been YES to all of the questions so far? It's looking good!

 - Do you enjoy learning new things?
 - Do you enjoy socializing and meeting new people?
 - Are you outgoing, open and friendly?
 - Are you interested in learning about the Spanish culture and people?
 - Do you enjoy helping people learn something new?
 - Are you brimming with enthusiasm and zest?
 - Are you adaptable to new and different food?
 - Are you creative and fun?
 - Are you totally clueless about the Spanish language?
 - Have you had no previous english teaching experience?

Remember that Volunteering goes both ways.
Our Spaniards will learn tremendously from our Volunteers, they'll improve their verbal skills and most importantly become more comfortable with the English Language but, our Volunteers will also gain a lot.

 If you're a shy person who's not used to speaking in public or chatting away for hours but are willing to overcome those fears and to put our Spaniards' needs in first place, VaughanTown or FiftyFifty might just be a perfect place for you!


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