VaughanTown FiftyFifty
50% conversation +
50% classes.

Vaughan Method classes + fun-filled hours of a VaughanTown

About VaughanTown FiftyFifty

"VaughanTown FiftyFifty is a new program we have developed. It brings together the spontaneous and fun-filled hours of a VaughanTown with the rigorous and demanding element that our Vaughan Method classes have, that’s why it’s called VaughanTown FiftyFifty, as in 50% conversation and 50% classes."


What should I know about a VaughanTown FiftyFifty program before I apply to do it?
There are a few points that separate a traditional VaughanTown from VaughanTown FiftyFifty:

There will be fewer volunteers

At a VaughanTown there are usually around 15 Spaniards and 17 english-speaking volunteers – or at least we always try for there to be always at least a couple of Anglos more than there are Spaniards. At a VaughanTown FiftyFifty program there will still be around 15 Spaniards or so but there will only be about 8 Anglos“Why?”  you ask…. Because…

Vaughan Teachers on the program

Students (our Spaniards that is) will have classes with our trained Vaughan Teachers and will also at some point during the day experience your conversational skills. The Vaughan teachers will be teaching classes while you are on One-to-Ones, having Free Time or in Rehearsal. “But that sounds very complicated!” I hear you say, “How will I know what to do, where to be and who to talk to at all times?”  Well….

Program director and master of ceremonies

Yes, you will have not two members of Vaughan staff on site on a VaughanTown FiftyFifty program but four if not more! You’ll have a PD who will be in charge of making the program run smoothly, an MC in charge of entertainment and general well-being and two Vaughan Teachers who will also participate on the program at meal times and social hours. There will also still be the famous Entertainment hour and Group Activities. So all our favorites are still there!

Who is a VaughanTown FiftyFifty program for?


Both VaughanTown and VaughanTown FiftyFifty programs are aimed at Spaniards who need to improve their English very quickly.

A VaughanTown FiftyFifty program however is intended for students whose level is a little lower than you would usually find at VaughanTown and who need classes as well as conversation to improve their knowledge of English grammar, their use of it in daily conversation and to improve their comprehension and fluency.

The Volunteers will take care of the One to One conversation sessions with the Spaniards and Vaughan Teachers will be in charge of the classes.

Why should I do a VaughanTown FiftyFifty program?

You should come participate on a VaughanTown FiftyFifty if you feel committed to helping our Spaniards improve their English through the power of conversation. If you’ve ever tried to learn a foreign language yourself, you’ll know that you can spend all the hours in the world in a classroom practicing that language but, until the moment you have to face a real-life native speaker with a thick accent and who doesn’t correct you, you’ve never actually had to SPEAK the language.

As a VaughanTown FiftyFifty volunteer you get to be much more at the center of the hurricane of all our Spaniards learning processes. Throughout the day they will have four hours of intense, Method-driven classes. Their One-to-Ones with you will be a chance to kick back and enjoy the simple joys of friendly conversation. 

Be a Volunteer

The opportunity to live a wonderful experience