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Masters of Ceremonies


• Pete Brown: From Leicester, England, he lived to travel until he got to Spain in Sept 2008 where he was seduced by the heat and Spanish tortilla. To keep himself out of trouble and off the streets, he came to VaughanTown a year later. During his travels, he challenged a Mexican in a chilli eating contest, he lost. And word on the street is, he can play a didgeridoo!



• Tom Errera: Coming from London, the wettest capital of Europe, and the host city of the Olympic Games 2012. In his opinion, one of the best opening ceremonies and probably the worst closing ceremonies ever. One of his hobbies is playing football.
He has been in Spain since before the turn of the millennium and just like most people at Vaughan, the temporary stay became not so temporary. He not only speaks English and Spanish, he also knows Italian, French, and Japanese!

• Carlota Romero: Born and raised in Madrid, she joined us in summer of 2012 having heard about VaughanTown from Pete. She has lived in different countries like Canada, England and France.
Despite her rocky start in VaughanTown arriving late to the meeting point in her first program, it has been smooth sailing since! We also heard that the alarm has been thrown away and is being kicked around under a bridge somewhere in Madrid.

• Carla Thraves: Carla is an actress from the UK where her most enjoyable role was a BBC Crimewatch reconstruction requiring a stunt double! She loves travel, dance, the outdoors, hot baths, and of course, good food! Carla can claim many random life experiences such as riding elephants in Indian cities, trekking solo in the Himalayas (not advisable!), contracting Malaria in Africa (really not advisable!), training as a Canoe and Kayaking coach (which naturally she has never since used), being picked up by a limousine while hitch-hiking in Switzerland...
Variety is the spice of life, and VaughanTown is her latest adventure!

• Alba Rosa Hernández: Alba was born in Melilla, a small city in the north of Africa. She´s an all singing, dancing, story- telling, bundle of energy kinda gal. As a child, she loved talking with anybody in any language at any time. Her mum realized very early on that she was not shy. At age 15, she was sent off to Finland to present a Comenius Project then afterwards, she travelled to Cambridge and studied at the Kings College.
Yes! That’s why her English is great! To top it all off, she studied drama in the Royal School of Drama in Madrid. You ask yourself, what was her next step, obviously Vaughan Town. The perfect job and a dream come true.

• Julian Azcarate: Born in NYC “the city that never sleeps”. raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he becomes a “Maestro” in BBQ´s and making “Chimichurri Sauce”, In 1999 he travels to Madrid only to stay for 6 months... 16 years later you can still find him here... Trained and experienced actor, Teacher, Woodworker, Surfer and UFO enthusiast joined VaughanTown in the summer of 2015 to meet other “aliens” such as himself, no luck yet.

Your Program Director and Master of Ceremonies will be your confidants and trouble-shooters during the week. You will work together to make the most of the program. Without these three components, VaughanTown would not possible.

And that is the VaughanTown Team!


Two more volunteers urgently needed for VT 680 GREDOS (April 29 - May 4)!!!
We need two more volunteers for our next program 680. Could it be you? Please apply now!
DayTown in BARCELONA on Saturday April 21 Apply now!
Are you an English speaker in the Barcelona area? Come volunteer at DayTown with us! Spend a Saturday chatting in English!

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