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The VaughanTown Team

Our team is built up by some of the most amazing, creative and crazy human beings out there!

At each program you'll be "guided" by a Program Director and a Master of Ceremonies.

Program Director

During your stay at VaughanTown, the program directors will help you sort out any questions, concerns and problems that might arise during VaughanTown. The program directors are there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Master of Ceremonies

You will also be accompanied over the six days by one of our fun-loving Masters of Ceremonies. Their love for theatre, people and pure fun are the keys to making sure you are well entertained. Be aware! They're amazing at identifying people's hidden talents and better at making the most out of them. Both English-Speakers and Spaniards get involved, so if you’re shy by nature, be prepare to get out of your comfort zone. Don't despair! They'll help you all the way.

Your Program Director and Master of Ceremonies will be your confidants and trouble-shooters during the week.
You will work together to make the most of the program.

          Without these components, VaughanTown would not possible!


Two more volunteers urgently needed for VT 680 GREDOS (April 29 - May 4)!!!
We need two more volunteers for our next program 680. Could it be you? Please apply now!
DayTown in BARCELONA on Saturday April 21 Apply now!
Are you an English speaker in the Barcelona area? Come volunteer at DayTown with us! Spend a Saturday chatting in English!

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