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Belmonte, Cuenca

This picturesque town is located in the south east of the Province of Cuenca and is approximately one hour and a half from the capital Madrid. The province of Cuenca is noted for its landscape and its impressive plains which have acted as a backdrop to many historical happenings. 

The program itself takes place in the restored fifteenth century palace, which was built on the ruins of what was the first thirteenth century Belmonte Castle.

The hotel is located on top of a hill with impressive views of the famous fifteenth century Belmonte Castle, inspiration and scene of numerous historical events in the Manchegan plains.

The palace boasts 39 rooms, an exterior terrace, café, restaurant, solarium and exterior swimming pool.

Belmonte at a glance

Province Cuenca
Closest town Cuenca
Accommodation type 4 star - luxury hotel 
Travel time to Madrid 90 minutes 

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The following table will give you an idea of what to expect weather wise:


Maximum temperature Minimum temperature
Days of rain
ºC ºC
January 9.7 -0.5 7
February 11.5 0.2 6
March 15.1 2.5 6
April 16.6 4.5 8
May 20.9 8.2 8
June 27.3 12.8 5
July 31.4 15.7 2
August 30.7 15.6 3
September 25.6 11.9 5
October 19.2 7.7 8
November 13.3 3.2 7
December 10.1 0.7 8



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