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Business Immersion

Our Business immersion program follows the same structure as a normal VaughanTown week, where not only general English skills are put into practice but also Business English skills.

This specially tailored VaughanTown follows an 8 week program aimed at perfecting our students’ English skills in a professional and Business environment.

The 8 week course is made up of the following subjects:
-              Business Networking & Business Public Speaking

-              Business Meetings and Roundtables

-              Business Negotiations and International Agreements

-              Business Communication: Writing and Emails

-              Branding: Personal brand & Corporate Brand

-              Human Resources and Talent

-              Motivation and Employees

-              Business Management and Leadership

The aim is for our students to perfect their negotiating, team management, leadership and problem analysis and solution skills, covering the topics of Human Resources, Marketing and Advertisement, Sales and Finance and Business Management.

At the end of the 8 weeks our students will be able to put all of skills outlined above into practice in a 4/6 day inmersion VaughanTown.

This specific VaughanTown pilot immersion program follows the outlines and philosophy of any other VaughanTown program the only difference being that it is aimed at perfecting business skills, whereas our normal programs are aimed at perfecting general English skills.


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