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Useful Tips

Some useful information when planning your trip:

A map of the Madrid metro should be useful when figuring out your location to the tapas reception as well as the bus departure: Visit the website here

Click here and can help you with any questions like museum timetables or other tourism questions you might have for before and after your program.

Click here for Daytrips and Regional Package tours.

For current affairs in Spain, please check either El Mundo or El Pais Both are leading newspapers in Spain. Unfortunately, only one of them has an English version! The International Herald Tribune is the English-language newspaper of choice in Madrid. Other than that, I would just consult your preferred news source of choice for background info on current events in Madrid and Spain.

To help you pack just right for the weather, please Click here

Here are some links where you can find reasonably- priced flights to Madrid:

Hotels & Hostels




Eurobuilding 2 Apartments

Calle Orense, 69+34 915716794

NH Eurobuilding

Padre Damián, 23+34 913537300

NH Habana

Paseo de la Habana, 73+34 914430720

NH Practico

Bravo Murillo, 304+34 915712880

Sunotel Amaral

Calle General Varela, 37+34 915799738




Los Amigos Hostel

Calle Arenal, 26 4ºIzda+34 915592472

Cats Hostel

Calle Cañizares, 6+34 913692807

Albergue Juvenil

Mejia Leqerica, 21+34 915939688

Hostal Acapulco

Calle Salud, 13 4º Izda+34 915311945

Hostal Salamanca

Calle José Ortega y Gasset 89+34 914024046

Hostal Arti

Calle Gran via, 76+34 915476600

Hostal Berlin

Calle Independencia, 2 1ºD+34 915470365

Hostal Cantabrico

Calle Cruz, 5+34 915310130

Hostal Principado

Calle Zorrilla, 7, 1º derecha+34 914298187

Hostal Metropol

Calle Montera, 47+34 915212935

Hostal Nuria

Calle Fuencarral, 52+34 915319208

Hostal Cruz Sol

Pza Santa Cruz 6, 3º+34 915327197

Hostal La Fontana

Calle Valverde 6-1º+34 915218449

Hostal Armesto

Calle San Agustin, 6+34 914299031

Hostal Numancia

Calle Magdalena, 8 5º Izquierda+34 914686876

Hostal Adriano

Calle Cruz, 26+34 915211339

Hostal La Posada de Huertas

Calle Huertas, 21+34 914295526

Hostal La Vera

Calle Magdalena, 21 2ºD+34 913691738

Hostal Rubio

Calle Romanones, 8+34 913693042

Mad Hostel

Calle de La Cabeza, 24+34 915064840

Barbieri International House

Calle Barbieri, 5 2º+34 915310258


Gran Via, 50+34 915473400

Albergue RC Miguel Angel

Plaza Celenque, 1 4-Izq+34 915222355

Pop Hostel

Calle Espiritu Santo, 18+34 915228663

MuchoMadrid Hostal

Calle Gran via 59, 7º dech,+34 915592350

Hostal Persal

Plaza de Angel, 12+34 913694643

Hostal Residencia Don Diego

Calle Velazquez, 45+34 914314263

Hostal Palma 61 Jemasaca

Calle La Palma 61 1º Dcha+34 915327011

Hostal Castilla II Puerta del Sol

Marqués Viudo de Pontejos 2, 1º+34 915325738

NOTE: Be aware of pickpockets anywhere you go, specially the main touristic areas. Madrid is not a dangerous city, but the more careful you are the better!


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